Video archive and Live streaming

For those that are unable to join us on a Lord’s day, we are able to offer a Live stream of the services via our YouTube channel

There you will find access to previously streamed services. For live streams please Click Here.  We aim to schedule all our Live Streams about 24hrs in advance, and will start approximately 5mins before the service start time.

Live streaming FAQ / frequently asked questions

  • Freezing – the picture freezes while watching. If this happens, wait 20-30 seconds to see if the live stream recovers. If it does not, try ‘refreshing’/’reloading’ your browser.
  • No sound – there is no sound before the service starts – This is normal – sound should become available once the service starts. Occasionally, an operating error may result in no sound during hymns. If problem persists, check that your computers’ audio is not muted and that the volume is set to high within the YouTube video player.
  • Note also that the problem may be local to your computer or your network – live streaming requires a reasonable bandwidth to operate successfully.

If you experience any difficulty please email the church using


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